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This internal all-in-one UV filter sterilizer pump is designed to be fully submersible in fresh or saltwater aquarium tanks up to 180 Litres and is easy to install and maintain. The pump sends the water through the UV light cavity where it is clarified, this stops the water from turning green and kills off algae, bacteria, micro-organisms and parasites which may cause fish diseases. Features. Designed for submersible use only. Complete with suctions caps for attaching to the side of your tank. Replaceable filter sponge inside the filter. Venturi aeration nozzle supplied to create bubbles, increase the oxygen level of returning water. No air pump is needed in principle. Venturi effect: As water is pumped back into the tank, it can also be aerated by a venturi pipe. This accelerates the water flow and draws in a stream of air from above the surface. High performance, quiet operation.